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AnneGeorges is a tale of love. Love for handmade natural fabrics in the myriad colors and designs that only India could offer!

Anne, founder and owner of AnneGeorges, would often go fabric hunting in the beautiful fabric markets of India and come back with more than what she needed. Well, handmade fabrics have such a way with her, WHAT IF she didn't find it later? So here was a hopeless fabric hunter, hauler and hoarder, running out of cupboard and trunk space at an alarming rate...and table and chair space too.

After discovering Etsy and many successful happy purchases from fellow Etsians, Anne opened her first shop FabricTreasury on Etsy in July 2010. Fabrics started flying in and out of Anne's home fairly frequently.
Cupboards and trunks still ran full, but tables and chairs are fairly free for their intended use.

Early 2011 onwards, FabricTreasury started featuring in-house designed fabrics.

In January 2013, Vivek (a.k.a Nerd Boy and dear hubs) decided it was about time to pitch in with those niggly nasty bits of running an online business - SEO, automated order processing engines and such. Such a relief, Anne could now go back to what she did best...make fabrics and talk to people.

In January 2014, FabricTreasury moved to its independent business space.

In January 2016, Zac (the maniacal-organizer-person and dear brother) joined Anne in her journey. There's that much needed orderliness in the business now. Whew!

In June 2016, Nerd Boy designed and presented this beautiful website to Anne George. Tale goes that she was so deliriously happy, she made her fabled Tiramisu for dessert that night. (Note: It is a rare thing that she ever cooks, people)

In October 2017, FabricTreasury moved out of Etsy completely, into www.annegeorges.com.

The tale of love continues at AnneGeorges, which now runs out of Anne's private studio in Arekere, India. A team of expert dyers, hand weavers and block printers help transform Anne's designs and colorways into the beautiful fabrics you see in AnneGeorges.

Now in our 8th year of operation, with 6000+ individual buyers spread over 75+ countries, we consciously remain an old fashioned business and we know our regular customers by name. We offer a personal experience to all our buyers, taking time to answer their emails and helping them in buying the right fabrics and supplies.

Love you all, you fabric lovers.

Hugs, The team at AnneGeorges

Here's a brief interview with Anne:
How did you get started with fabrics?
My earliest memory about fabrics is this tailor’s shop my mother used to take me for dress fittings when I was a kid. I found the tailor’s shop quite fascinating, with bits and scraps of wonderful fabrics all over the place. I guess this interest in fabrics grew on me and I always had a stash of beautiful fabrics in my cupboard. I’d occasionally make dresses for myself on the treadle sewing machine I had at home. I still have it!

What do you love most about selling fabrics?
The best part is that I get to meet a lot of very talented people who look into my shop and start conversations about their projects. It brings me much happiness to showcase beautiful natural fabrics and hear their opinions. I love chatting to people about fabrics and can be easily reached through my shop's messaging system.

What is one fabric in your store that you’d say is your most favorite?
That would be my fine handwoven 100% flax linen fabrics. They are woven in a very fine texture, and hardly available in retail anywhere. This fabric is custom made for FabricTreasury in an old weaving facility. They have perfectly working vintage hand operated looms and a bunch of artisan weavers who can weave gossamer thin muslins and these fine linens. Flax for producing the yarn for this fabric comes all the way from Belgium and is water spun in India by a nearly 100 year old heritage spinning facility. Weavers trusted with weaving this precious linen fabric is traditional artisans who have been into this craft for generations. A good idea too, since hand weaving a fine fabric with linen yarn is no mean job! The ease with which they turn the tough linen yarn into this beautiful fabric is wonderful to watch. A master weaver helps set the loom with new yarn and then hovers around, always at hand to help when the threads break or if the younger generation weavers needed any help setting the warp right. This fabric by AnneGeorges is very fine dress weight hand woven with a good drape.

Do you make custom runs of fabric?
Oh yes, that is one of the most exciting part of my work. I work with clients on custom colors, prints and weaves. I have also worked with couple of museums and private collectors to re-create vintage chintzs and tapestries.

What do you have in store for future?
We have couple of interesting projects underway for 2018-19. On the drawing board now are my embroidered and printed cotton collections. Also planned is the launch of scrumptious cotton wearables in unbleached, pure cottons.

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